The Team

We are a team of Bolivian professionals with much experience.

All teachers, who are mostly women, have university titles or degrees in different subjects and with diverse professional experiences. All share a passion for teaching languages and engaging in cultural exchange with international students. With this diversity and with the materials we have developed, we are able to offer, in addition to our standard course programs of Spanish and Quechua, programs that are focused on various themes - social, economic, cultural and political - related to life in Cochabamba, Bolivia and Latin America.

All of our teachers, before working directly with students and regardless of the professional degree or title they have, must observe lectures and classes with the director, or with experienced teachers who know our method very well and are familiar with our material. Before they start teaching, teachers receive solid preparation with our school’s method and material.

The founding director of the school studied linguistics and publicistics in Zurich, Switzerland, where he taught Spanish and Quechua at different language schools and institutions for 10 years.

While some of our teachers only speak Spanish, others speak a combination of multiple languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara, English, French and German.

The families speak Spanish. In most families there are members who also speak Quechua. The children learn English in high school.

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