In addition to the above, we offer different optional excursions and trips to get to know our country better. For
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Tunari |
One-day excursion to Tunari Mountain, with 5' 200 m the highest mountain of the Tunari Cordillera, which limits the city of Cochabamba at the north. It is the habitat of condors, vicuñas, lamas, vizcachas, Andean wild geese and many others.

Incallajta |
Is the biggest complex of Inca ruins found until now in Bolivia (ca. 25 ha). The main building is a hall of 81 to 27 m. The construction method of Incallajta follows the classical Inca model: a strategically situated peninsula surrounded by three rivers and dominated by a fortified mountain. (Archaeology in Cochabamba - UMSS)

Incachaca |
The Quechua name means "Inca bridge". It was part of the Inca trail to the tropical lowlands. It is in the cloud forest, an exuberant subtropical jungle, at aprox. 2.600 m, in the yungas region of Cochabamba.

Tropical rainforest of Cochabamba |
Three days in the tropical rainforest of Cochabamba. Bathing in rivers and creeks, hikes through the jungle, observing wild life.

Torotoro |
Is a national park with an enchanted landscape. It has caverns with stalactites and stalagmites, dinosaur footprints, giant turtle fossils, cave drawings, pre-Columbian fortresses. It is 5 hrs. by car and 20 min. by plane from Cochabamba.


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