Living with a host family is a perfect way to practice language skills, complementing the learning process. Equally important, sharing with the family allows students to assimilate aspects of Bolivian culture in a friendly and safe place. At Runawasi, we emphasize that the process of learning a language is enhanced by living with a local family and by the cultural experience resulting from it. You will learn Spanish and Quechua much faster.

All our host families live in the neighborhood of Villa Juan XXIII, only a few walking minutes from Runawasi. Talking with the host family members, students use and practice what they have learned in classes. Students can choose among families of various generations, families with children or adolescents or rooms with private or shared bathroom. The quality of the homestay, including the food served and the relationships between guests and hosts, is supervised constantly. Each student is the only guest, unless it is requested to stay with a partner, friend or family. Students get to know the joys, pains, fiestas, customs, traditions and yearnings of a low middle class Bolivian family living in the outskirts of the city. These families have strong ties with mining centers and, in many cases, with the countryside, too.

Students share three meals a day with their families: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Meals are hygienically and carefully prepared. Students also enjoy a great variety of seasonal fruits and delicious home-made drinks. Full meals are provided every day of the week. There also are families who can prepare vegetarian food or accommodate special diets.

The families speak Spanish. In most families there are members who also speak Quechua. The children learn English in high school.

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