I can't recommend Escuela Runawsi more highly
por:  Alexander

I can't recommend Escuela Runawsi more highly. I've struggled to learn Spanish in a variety of settings including Harvard extension school, adult education, and classes in Colombia and Runawsi is where I learned the most Spanish and received the most individual instruction (and at the best value). I really like the method of the school where you work one-on-one with different teachers on different days because I learned different things from different teachers. And on days when I needed more than a day to grasp a concept the school was able to have me work with the same teacher for a couple days in a row. I was really shy about speaking in Spanish when I came to the school, but in the supportive environment and after a couple of four hour classes where I had no option but to speak I was able to overcome that hesitation and my Spanish really improved.

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