The month I spent at Escuela Runawasi was fantastic
por:  Erica Sommer

The month I spent at Escuela Runawasi was fantastic. The one on one instruction was ideal for rapid learning, especially as the teachers were very strict about not speaking a word of anything but Spanish. I really enjoyed being taught by a variety of teachers; although I had my favourites, they were all good and it was nice to have different people to converse with. The home stay experience was vital to rapid learning and I was made to feel welcome from the minute I arrived. On my first day in the country I was wisked away for a Sunday excursion into the country side and stopped at a roadside food stall for some local food and chicha! I didn't speak a word of Spanish, nor did my family speak English, but it was a great way to start the trip. Joaquin met me at the airport on my arrival and escorted me back for my early morning departure at the end of the month. I was entirely happy with my choice of school and would highly recommend it to anyone.

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