Escuela Runawasi
por:  Julie Murray

In the summer of 2005, I was searching for a language school in Central or South America where I could improve my Spanish language skills for professional use. I heard intriguing stories about Bolivia and Cochabamba in particular from friends, and after speaking with a former student of Escuela Runawasi's, I decided that the school would be a good fit. Several weeks of one-on-one classes at Escuela Runawasi soon followed, and I had a terrific experience. Joaquin and Janine, along with the whole school staff, are intent on making sure students not only learn the language they came to study, but also grow to understand the community in which they are staying. The teachers were interested in the reasons that I came to study Spanish, and they worked with me to focus on vocabulary and discussions relevant to my line of work. The school also offered me opportunities to take organized excursions and to volunteer in a nearby community, all of which enriched my experience. I look back on my time with Escuela Runawasi fondly, and I'd go again in a heartbeat.

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