Escuela Runuwasi earns two thumbs up from me
por:  Christopher Rodriguez      

I arrived in Bolivia to serve as a volunteer for one year but spoke almost no Spanish. I spent three months at Escuela Runawasi where I was able to learn quickly because of the mostly one on one style classes they provided. The school has a very supportive staff and host families ready to help you in every way they can. During my stay in Cochabamba I felt safe and had many opportunities to try out my Spanish skills. The teachers were tireless and witty and were always available to lend a helping hand. One even helped me navigate immigration with a part of my year long visa process. The cost of attending Runawasi was less than most other language schools in Bolivia but I got more in return that I could have ever hoped for! Escuela Runuwasi earns two thumbs up from me, you won't be disappointed! (August 2009 - October 2009)

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